Up to 10.000 bucks

  • You have to fill in all the blanks
  • Year of production should not be earlier than 2012.
  • All films must be made with a budget smaller than 10,000 dollars
  • All films must have English subtitles, except where English is the original language
  • The preview copy should be uploaded for download by using the free upload platforms like: We transfer, Sendspace, Dropbox, Vimeo (with password) or other.
    After uploading, please enter a download link in the entry form and Cinema City will download the film then. If you are using Vimeo or Dropbox please don't delete file before we finish the selection.
  • If sending a download link is impossible, please send a preview copy on DVD to the following address

  • Cinema City
    Up to 10.000 bucks
    Bogoboja Atanackovica 8
    21000 Novi Sad
  • For packages outside of Serbia, please attach an envelop with a name: Proforma Invoice, containing a letter with date, signature, and if it is company on memo with a seal, which declares that this package contains DVD with promotional materials, photos, stills and excerpts, without commercial value, for promotional purposes, no military and pornographic items. Total value: 2eu
  • Please don't pack more than two DVDs in one package
  • DVD preview copies will not be returned
  • No fee required
  • Selected filmmakers will be notified and invited to send a file of the selected video in best screening quality (hd, h264, mpeg2, apple pro res 422, or similar)





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